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Visit us at IHGF Spring 2013 at Stall F6/11 between the 8th to 11th of February 2013.

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  Conserve Conserve India employs some of Delhi's poorest inhabitants, whose lives are blighted by insecure living conditions, poor sanitation, and scarce opportunities to get the education or training they need to lift them out of poverty. So how does Conserve help its workers with the difficult and dirty job that they do?

Firstly they pay a fair wage to everyone working for them. An average rag picker earns $25 a month. A rag picker working for Conserve will earn on average $70 a month. But even with a better wage, no one would be happy to stay in this work, and Conserve is not content to leave its workers at the bottom of the employment pile.

Conserve offers training to its workers so that they can do better jobs throughout the organisation – from manufacturing to working in the head office. Conserve also supports schools in the slums where many of its employees live – helping many children to get the better chance they so desperately need.

Beyond training and education, Conserve is also starting two new projects which will track the general welfare of its workers and provide health clinics for those with no other access to medical help.