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Visit us at IHGF Spring 2013 at Stall F6/11 between the 8th to 11th of February 2013.

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  Send us your Material!  


A good supply of material that would otherwise be thrown out is vital to keeping Conserve going.  Since starting with plastic bags picked up off Delhi's streets, we have expanded to make products from denim, rubber, and even seat-belts that no one else wanted.   

If you have some material that is either post-production or post-use, which you would like to be put to good use instead of being thrown away, please send a sample along with some details on how much and how often you could provide it and we will try to include it in Conserve's materials.  We are willing to pay a reasonable price for any material but if you are happy to donate it we will send you a collectors edition of a product made from your material by way of a small thank you.