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Born of a desire to reduce India's rubbish mountain, improve energy efficiency, and help some of Delhi's poorest out of the city's slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion.

By buying a Conserve bag, belt, wallet, shoe, or necklace, you not only get to be a trend setter with a beautiful, funky piece of high fashion - you will also be helping some of India's poorest people and its environment.

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Conserve Handmade Recycled Plastic is created through a unique method of upcycling plastic bags.  Because the plastic is kept in its original form and colour, Conserve's upcycling technique uses much less energy than traditional recycling and we don't need dyes.  A green way of making fashion from waste – Handmade Recycled Plastic is surely a material of the future!


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